Another idea update

So the previous idea i had was backed on demand as told by google trends. But every machine learning as a service provider was providing the service to some degree. Mine would have been more comprehensive but pulling it off would require having a PHD in artificial intelligence. So i have another idea based on gut feelings rather than hard google trends data. Lets see how long i stick with this. This idea is not something that would get me listed in something like mit technology review tr35. It is a proper commercial offering. It may become “world changing” in some sense but technically its just repackaging ideas into a commercial offering (I am not saying there are no interesting problems to solve here, every problem can become interesting given the right mindset). The one thing i notice was earlier i used to choose hard problems in computer science (one example was auto generate/help generate technical documentation for source code bases ) now i have chosen more and more silicon valleyish type of ideas. Lets just hope this dosen’t turn into the type of junk that silicon valley spews out every year (if i stick with the idea that is).

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pain and entrepreneurship

Recently i have come to observe that entrepreneurship is lot more emotional than a job.  On top of  the manic depressive roller coaster of the process of starting up and i have a nagging feeling that i am depressed. I have come to have peace with my family members and their adversarial attitude towards me. But yet the feelings persist of

  • lonliness
  • what if i end up a parent mooching stay at home dead weight
  • self doubt
  • the want to go to  foetal position and cry myself to some sort of emotional relief

In spite of   painting such a gloomy picture, the one thing that keeps me going is the fact that my dream for my product looks into the future and will get me returns in the long run. I am barely productive these days, am i kidding myself into believing that this is way better than a job ?



After 1 year of searching i finally could have found a worthwhile thing to do

After finally one year of searching i might have found something worthwhile to do afterall.

After iterating for over a year with crappy ideas, thinking of leaving I.T, making plans of studying for competitive exams,etc i finally could have an idea worth exploring. It is going to be extremely difficult technically to pull it off, but we will see.


Finally found another sobering remainder for what its worth here is the link


Lets see how things goes.

entreprenuership, freedom and downfalls

Its been 8 months ~0 lines of product code has been effectively written by me. It is discouraging and i have real doubts that i would achieve anything in the time frame that i set out to achieve. The thing i notice the most about me is fluctuation, when i stick on to an idea i rarely hold on to it. Grass really does look greener in other pastures. I need to lock down focus, code and ship something (right now anything would do it). Time is running out and i feel that i am just wasting away my time and my life. The only thing that seems to be stopping me is the freedom that i can do anything i want.



self doubt and passion


I have been having days in which every idea that i come up with is being seen with self doubt. The idea it seems is worthless, cant be easily done, too crowded in the market, too dry, too much to learn, is too hard, etc all at the same time. Please note that i am stuck in the ideation stage itself and have nothing to show in terms of code for the last 8 months of my existence. I am clearly in a bad place and need to move out of the rut. The answer to all of this might be passion but where is the passion when you needed it the most (line stolen from daniel powter – bad day).

An interesting and related read is at



perils of innovation

“Everything that can be invented has been invented” Charles Holland Duell approximately at 1901 A.D

I wanted to start a start up that tries to change the world (TM). I did not want to rehash someones idea into a new product and put it on the shelf. This means i need real innovation. But every idea that i can come up with that is commercially feasible has been done, has open source software to do it, or is impractical based to do based on my current skill set. Is incremental innovation of a tried and tested strategy the only way out, is there no other way ?? I thought i was  a fairly creative guy but this rut i am stuck in says otherwise.



social anxiety and staying at home


there you are trying to code for your start up (with no progress achieved so far) and these thought start going through your head

is your mental health allright

are you becoming an useless bum

Any feedback on how to minimize/stop these thoughts going through my head.