perils of innovation

“Everything that can be invented has been invented” Charles Holland Duell approximately at 1901 A.D

I wanted to start a start up that tries to change the world (TM). I did not want to rehash someones idea into a new product and put it on the shelf. This means i need real innovation. But every idea that i can come up with that is commercially feasible has been done, has open source software to do it, or is impractical based to do based on my current skill set. Is incremental innovation of a tried and tested strategy the only way out, is there no other way ?? I thought i was  a fairly creative guy but this rut i am stuck in says otherwise.




social anxiety and staying at home


there you are trying to code for your start up (with no progress achieved so far) and these thought start going through your head

is your mental health allright

are you becoming an useless bum

Any feedback on how to minimize/stop these thoughts going through my head.