Another idea update

So the previous idea i had was backed on demand as told by google trends. But every machine learning as a service provider was providing the service to some degree. Mine would have been more comprehensive but pulling it off would require having a PHD in artificial intelligence. So i have another idea based on gut feelings rather than hard google trends data. Lets see how long i stick with this. This idea is not something that would get me listed in something like mit technology review tr35. It is a proper commercial offering. It may become “world changing” in some sense but technically its just repackaging ideas into a commercial offering (I am not saying there are no interesting problems to solve here, every problem can become interesting given the right mindset). The one thing i notice was earlier i used to choose hard problems in computer science (one example was auto generate/help generate technical documentation for source code bases ) now i have chosen more and more silicon valleyish type of ideas. Lets just hope this dosen’t turn into the type of junk that silicon valley spews out every year (if i stick with the idea that is).

warm reagards,



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