startup and big ideas

Well startups are supposed to have world changing ideas and the conviction on the idea to pull it off. I just dont. Maybe its because my first idea failed miserably but i cant for the world of me get myself to commit to the idea and try to pull it off. Its so hard with people talking about the entrepreneurial spirit and so on, where is this spirit when i need it ??

So here is the status report, i have a new idea that i have committed to , but i cant get myself for the world of what is good for me to sit down and start coding.

I dont have a blog like to get feedback for the “community of commenters” Greets,







Why do i feel like such a loser

Why do i feel like a defeated general.Why does the problem i set out to solve, feel like its nothing special.Why do i feel this depressed and why do i feel panicky

So the journey begins

Here is a brief recap of what has happened upto this point in time.

After i was made to quit my job i came back home. I couldn’t find a job that made me happy, so decided to try and strike it rich in the start up world.

1 Idea that i had help high hopes on, failed to be commercially viable. So now i am planning on producing a web based product. This involves getting into web-development, something i had tried to avoid my whole career (and something i had looked down my entire professional life, up to this point) but hopefully this wont be the chop shop style product i have seen most people here get into.

Its tough to transition from a get money every month style of living, to seeing no money come through the door every month. Its tough to imagine your self rotting into oblivion. Most startups fail, i am determined not to let it happen to mine.

I have no friends, a family that has been adversarial to me in the past, failed ideas and honestly a pretty bleak future. Lets hope this is the first step in my efforts to rewrite this cesspool of an excuse for a life. I feel the numbness starting to creep into my existence again.

My companion is the trailer to startup kids where people who are successful at decoding the secret to start up success, describe the many ways in which starting a startup makes you feel like tearing their hair out.