self doubt and passion


I have been having days in which every idea that i come up with is being seen with self doubt. The idea it seems is worthless, cant be easily done, too crowded in the market, too dry, too much to learn, is too hard, etc all at the same time. Please note that i am stuck in the ideation stage itself and have nothing to show in terms of code for the last 8 months of my existence. I am clearly in a bad place and need to move out of the rut. The answer to all of this might be passion but where is the passion when you needed it the most (line stolen from daniel powter – bad day).

An interesting and related read is at




social anxiety and staying at home


there you are trying to code for your start up (with no progress achieved so far) and these thought start going through your head

is your mental health allright

are you becoming an useless bum

Any feedback on how to minimize/stop these thoughts going through my head.